Iron Man Vs. Batman continued, and time to talk tech and gadgets! We already established that Batman has THE coolest tech and gadgets on the super hero market! Let’s break them down shall we? Here’s a list of the Top 10 Bat Gadgets compared to the top 10 Stark Tech creations.

Bat Gadget # 10 - The Kryptonite Ring

This Ring all but ensured it was a fair fight if the Man of Steel ever stepped out of line, which he definitely has before, albeit very sparingly and usually unintentionally. The most intriguing thing with this “gadget” is that Super Man gave it to Batman as a “just in case” way of beating him in case something ever happened that turned the hero, like the time in the Superman animated series when Granny Goodness and Darkseid take control of his mind!

Bat Gadget # 9 – Utility Belt - Bat-Sword (Bat Lightsaber)

The Brave and the Bold cartoon series of Batman put this lightsaber on display! Batman pulled the Bat-Sword from his utility belt and went to town on an army of killer clock robots. The Utility Belt has get Batman equipped with a ton of Gadgets over the years including smoke bombs, gas pellets, an infrared flashlight, finger print equipment, a mini camera and more! We haven’t seen the bat-sword too much in history, however its presence in the epic season opener of the cartoon series cannot be denied!

Bat Gadget # 8 – The Batarang

This gadget most always ranks higher in these bat gadget blogs primarily due to its iconic appeal. However, I simply can’t rank it higher than some of his modes of transportation. The Batarang first appeared way back in 1939's Detective Comics #31 as the Dark Knight's first gadget. His schematic throwing-star boomerang has had many upgrades, revisions and evolutions over the years including; a computerized batarang (GPS Guided), a magnetic batarang, a remote controlled batarang, a heated batarang and an electric batarang. There’s probably more than that, but that’s all your getting from me!

Bat Gadget # 7- Smoke Pellets/Smoke Bombs

A prolific part of Batman’s uniqueness is how he moves without being seen and gets the drop on the bad guys. Heck, he even snuck away from Superman with one of these bad boys long enough to unleash some kryptonite gas from his kryptonite grenade launcher in Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice. Let it be known the smoke screens have been used as top Bat-gadget since forever and won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Smoke out’s let him escape when he wants to and get cover when he needs to!

Bat Gadget # 6 – Bat Computer

The Bat Computer or "Puter" as Lego Batman puts it, has a ton of functionality including auto piloting Bat-Transportation, locating people (and aliens), operating the Bat Cave, hacking encrypted codes, Receiving Trouble Alerts and providing Batman with just about any forms of information that he is looking for!

Bat Gadget # 5 – The Grappling Gun

What else can we say! This gadget is the reason Batman can take off and not be notice and when he is noticed, he departure is unbelievably awesome! It’s how he swings into battle, yanks giant objects on top of bad guy’s heads and on occasion he uses it to narrowly escape with his life!

Bat Gadget #4 – The Bat Plane/Bat Wing

The Bat Plane is ranked so highly because it’s so deadly! It’s stealth and has unbelievable speed and range! Has to be super-fast, it escaped Doomsday! It can be as quiet as he needs it to be but blow everything up that gets in its way. Like the other Bat Modes of transportation, it’s sleek and clean body can be auto piloted or remotely flown by Alfred as he sits in the comfort of the Bat Cave!

Bat Gadget # 3 – Bat Glider Wings

OK OK, you may think this is ranked way to high because they aren’t as bone-crushing as some of the other weapons and gadgets right? Seriously though, you can’t tell me that when Batman leaps from death-defying heights it isn’t one of the best parts of the movie! For me, personally I love when he comes swooping down and/or glides in top of the bad guy’s heads to kick some serious butt! This is the closest thing we get to batman flying, unless we are referring to his Bat Rocket Boots which rarely come out of the Bat Closet! Heck, even my 3-year-old son knows that “Batman doesn’t fly, he glides, right daddy!?”

Bat Gadget # 2 – The Bat Signal

We all love the Bat-Signal! It may just be the most important gadget of all! If that light doesn’t come on does our caped crusader even show up? Well, yeah he probably does but still you can’t tell me you don’t get goose-bumps when you see the Bat-Signal powerfully beaming through clouds to light up the dark Gotham Sky! It’s wicked awesome and just as infamous as the batarang, everyone loves when this night light comes on!

Bat Gadget # 1 – The Batmobile

Yes! The Number 1 spot is dedicated to the Batmobile! It’s also as infamous the utility belt and has shown up in just about every Batman Movie, cartoon and comic! It’s Batman’s primary mode of transportation and comes equipped with machine guns, grenades, smoke bombs and even a remote control! It’s covered in armor and is basically impenetrable! The Batmobile is second to none and hands down the sickest mode of transportation in all of Comic History!


Tony Stark’s tech is ingenious and undeniable. Alright, most of this Tech truly doesn’t classify as a gadget but without these inventions Tony wouldn’t be Tony or worse he wouldn’t be Iron Man. Tony has a million suits and an equal amount of inventions. He improves on his existing tech and doesn’t create a million gadgets, however is creations are awesome any way you look at it!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Technologies that Ironman has used/created to weaponize himself and make him elite in the Marvel Comic World!

Stark Tech #10 – Repulsor Beams

A particle beam weapon that uses an electromagnetic field generator to focus ionized particles into a centralized sphere of heat and energy. Wow that’s a mouthful! It also allows him to control and stabilize himself when flying! Not to mention it’s his main weapon when blasting bad guys!

Stark Tech #9 - Badassium

When faced with a life threatening disease caused by the element known as Palladium, which kept the arc reactor in his chest running, Tony simply created a new element to replace what was poisoning and slowly killing him. Bad-ass-ium is just that, Bad Ass Element that saved our heroes’ life and powered his suit better than the previous element could ever have hoped too!

Stark Tech #8 – Veronica/HulkBuster

Well, he did get a little help from Dr. Banner on this, but comparatively so did Bruce Wayne with his Kryptonite Ring, from Super Man and Lex Luthor. Regardless, the Hulk Buster Armor is a near flawless attempt at constructing a much larger more durable version of the Iron Man armor designed with one thing in mind, Beating The Incredible Hulk in head to head combat. This is no simple feat yet, The Hulk Buster did just that!

Stark Tech #7 – Extremis – The Mark 42 (XLII)

"Extremis" AKA “Prodigal Son” is an Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit Prototype which has the exceptional capability to fly in separate pieces and attach itself to Tony's body, piece by piece through "state-of-the-art" computer chip technology that he implanted in his forearms. He communicates with this armor through his central nervous system. The armor can even control itself when Tony isn’t in the suit. Not to mention Mark 42 is loaded with an upgraded Weapons System and is capable of sustaining self-repair.

Stark Tech #6 – Ultron

OK, OK! Maybe not the best Tech/Invention, but honestly if the Ultron program was a success we’d have a suit of Armor around the World! I know it went terribly wrong, but if it didn’t we wouldn’t have had the Sokovia Accords and w wicked awesome Avengers 2 Movie. Plus, just because it created a “Death/Murder Bot” doesn’t mean it wasn’t totally genius! Tony created the most powerful foe to in the MCU at the time and itwas awesome! For that the Ultron invention gets listed here!

Stark Tech #5 – The Disintegrator

One of Tony Stark's more notable early inventions is the disintegrator ray, from an issue of Tales to Astonish all the way back in in the mid 1960’s. The Disintegrator was capable of being installed into simple tools like flashlight cases and when unleashed it completely vaporizes any organic or inorganic matter in its path into absolute nothingness.

Stark Tech #4 – Iron Spider

I don’t see how you can rank the Iron Spider above artificial intelligence but we just did! Iron Spider? Come on man, this can’t be beat. Spider Man is already sick enough as it is, but now he’s Spider Man in an Iron Suit, that can fly, blasts weapon and is loaded with A.I. & Technology, it’s really not fair. It’s like Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors, who’s going to stop me!

Stark Tech #3 – Jarvis

Jarvis! Well Jarvis did scatter his protocols and was beating Ultron from the Inside, so naturally the intuitive program is listed higher. In addition to “beating” Ultron, Jarvis ran most of Stark Industries, he and Pepper of course. Jarvis also called Tony “Sir” on the regular as if he was an Airmen in the U.S. Military. The respect and the fact that Tony created artificial intelligence lands Jarvis a top 5 spot

Stark Tech #2 – Nano Particle Tech

This stuff acts like a secondary muscular system and as a the protective armored suit we see him flying around in. This armor, known as the Bleeding Edge, was composed of nano-machines, that were “stored in the hollows of Tony Stark’s bones when not in use! This gave Iron Man’s power armor streamlined shapes, a more aerodynamic profile and fewer overlapping armor plates. It’s actually Mark 37 in the comics, yet, we saw Mark 42 on the big screen several years before we saw Iron Man bust out the Nano Tech! Sshhh! Keep it quiet but, looks to me like the same tech Rocket was using to repair the Milano in GOG2! Not sure if this hints to Tony and time travel or if he actually invented it. But Nano Tech is awesome nonetheless!

Stark Tech #1 – The Miniature Arc Reactor

This is what started it all! No Desert, No Jericho demonstration, No Cave, No Mini Arc Reactor, No Iron Man! This Powers the Suit that we know and love so much! He also “Built it in a cave! With Scraps!” All that power in one little chest piece! Amazing! The Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart (present from Pepper) was Truly his “golden egg”. Everything else is history!

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